T station motion graphic mural.

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My Client at NONE

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Associated Lead

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Tencent T station, be with you.

In 2019, Chinese tech giant Tencent has established its new headquarter in Beijing, China. To celebrate this milestone, Tencent commissioned us to create this motion graphic mural piece inside their new HQ.

Technology, Talent, Temperature, and Tencent are the four key values of Tencent T station. We were inspired by these four key values and divided the motion piece into four different sections. We’ve used the visual of the new HQ as the key to the story to tie the sections together.

At Tencent, we thrive together.
At Tencent, we share a same dream.

Style Frame

Style Frame

Project Credit:
Production House / NØNE Studio
Project lead / Natalie Bai
Associated Lead / Felix Fu, Zoe Chao
Motion Designer, Natalie Bai, Zoe Chao, Sulliya Qiu, Grace Sun, Xiaoyu Xue
StoryBoard / Natalie Bai
Graphic Design / Felix Fu, Jeanne Zhu, Catherine Wu, Alan Liu, Angela Song, Chill Li
3D Artist, Sulliya Qiu, Felix Fu
Copywriter, Stone Liu
Account / Lesley Zhang
Special Thanks / Oscar Chen

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